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25% Discount

33% Ended Dec 19, 25% Ended Feb 29

20% Discount

20% Ends June 30

Arro ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to transition as a Lisk side chain when the SDK is released.

The fairest social network

Everyone has the same opportunity
Share, Spend Time, Earn crypto
It’s fair, #yourFairshare
Arro Social Distancing Film Contest

About Arro


Each time you click, write, or watch something on social media you generate content. Your content is then sold and you don’t see a penny!


Arro focuses on fair distribution of content revenue. Arro pays users when they watch advertisements and when the user clicks or writes something, the user owns it.

Arro’s mission:

Create opportunities to redirect social wealth.

We are a social network creating opportunities for you to make money. Like paying your fare for a bus. Paying #yourFareShare. Kind of like what Robin Hood did in his community, when he took from the greedy to share with the needy.

Make sure you get #yourFairShare

How Arro Works

It’s like Facebook that pays you and we don’t monitor your every move.

  • You choose what you see, not an algorithm
  • You own your content
  • Viewers pay you if they view. The crypto flips the bill

There are other social networks that pay you, but Arro is the first network that pays you for watching advertisements.

View #yourFareShare

Arro in the middle

Share with Friends

You have direct access

You can connect with your favorite products and friends. We allow a direct connection, but we know that some of you like your privacy too. You can pay to skip the ads. We will show you all your friends, not run it through an algorithm.

But don’t worry advertisers, we love you. We make sure that you know who clicks your ads and your competition can’t robot click your ads away. We will not bury this information in a report that only experts can mine through. You have full control on the price and your fans can share.

Share #yourFairShare

Where are we going?

January, 2016 Social Media Prototype
The origin of Social Media platform prototype. Development of the test and market validation
January, 2016 Social Media Prototype
The origin of Social Media platform prototype. Development of the test and market validation
May, 2016 Tech Team Meets
The Tech team met to work on a social media Influencer platform called
January, 2017 Influencer Platform
Influencer Platform released for Alpha test.
August, 2017 Advertiser Research
The team joined with others to release a Beta version test for in 3 months. Many lessons were learned from advertisers. And many successes were celebrated .
March, 2018 Crypto Team Joined
Crypto was designed into the social network and was born.
July, 2018 Arro Token Created
The ERC 20 Token was created. ARRO is now available.
October, 2018 Pre-Sale of Tokens
Pre-Sale of Tokens. Ecosystem formation continuation. (200 + ARRO owners and partners)
January, 2019 ARRO Share
ARRO Airdrop, Pre-Sale available, Start Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
May, 2019 Expand Social Presence
Expand our presence on Social Networks. Join us on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @ArroSocial
Aug, 2019 Release of MVP
The platform integration with blockchain. Development of ARRO blockchain database. Release of platform’s alpha version. Minimum Viable Product Released as Alpha Group Test.
December, 2019 Further Development
Further development of ARRO ecosystem (10,000 partners, 5 API applications, 200,000 active users).

ARRO token Structure

Community Planned Token Release
Influencer Campaigns
Development Costs
Listing Expenses
Reserved Funding
Community Building
Administation, Founders, Advisors,

9th of December 2018 / 11PM CST to
31th of December 2019 / 1PM CST

Token Sale

2nd of Feb 2020 / 2PM CST to
29th of May 2020 / 11PM CST
25% Bonus until Feb 29 2020 / 11PM CST


30,000,000,000 ARRO


1 ARRO = 0.002 DAI

Maximum Goal

Hard cap: 20,000,000 DAI
Soft cap: 400,000 DAI

Accepted Currencies

ETH, BTC, Lisk, DAI, NPXS, and Wire Transfer

Token Distribution Date

29th of Feb 2020

Emission Rate

2,000,000 DAI released per week for 10 weeks
No new tokens will ever be created

Tokens used for purchases on Arro Social/p>

Pre-Sale Participants

310+ Pre-Sale Participants

Release Participants

Alternatively to an ICO
ARRO will release 2,000,000 DAI of ARRO per week for 10 weeks

Our motivated team

Our Advisory Board

  • Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.16.27 AM


    Bloq Space is a Lisk Delegate


    Bloq Space is a Lisk Delegate

  • Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.16.01 AM

    Evan Gray

    Principle Solutions Engineer at Elevate Syste...

    Evan Gray

    Principle Solutions Engineer at Elevate Systems and Rackspace Developer

  • Marie Guajardo

    Sales and marketing professional with extensi...

    Marie Guajardo

    Sales and marketing professional with extensive vehicle service provider industry experience.

Bonus Structure

Early Members — Pre Sale

Users registered in the Pre Sale phase
  • 20% Bonus on any purchase amount

New Members — Token Sale

Users registered in the Sale phase
  • Released every week for 10 Weeks
  • No new tokens will be created; Ever
  • Arro tokens are advertisement credits and utilized for use on Arro Social

Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be moved into the next round.
The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.