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  • Highest level of quality and care
  • Innovative Records is based out of Houston, TX
  • The R Report Magazine
  • Anchor Life Films Available

We connect you with the best prices for the most qualified videographers and recording engineers to create the quality of the sight and sound your music deserves. While you are creating your music, we are negotiating with your future sponsors for you to act as a branding entity through perfected product placement inside your entertainment and social media. GPMMG connects all the dots of the music business for you with one small monthly fee to connect you with professional network built over the past decade. We use one of the largest audiences through “The R Report Magazine” to market your milestones and gain you popularity. Our hard work has been proven through artists such as (Scrill White, DJ Chill Will, and One80). Enroll now to start your journey towards success.

We provide our clients with every service needed to help them create, promote, and perform at the highest level of quality and care. At Good People MMG, you are not just working with a company, you’re working with family.

Good People Management and Music Group was founded by Tim Davis and Cory Jarrell in 2014 to help provide the two important disciplines of trust and hard work for artists to thrive. The music world has changed through both technology and the ability for monetary gain. We have discovered the secrets and built the foundation to launch and promote an artist’s career. The same entrepreneurial spirit that guides our artist’s development extends into the fields of commerce, touring, festivals, licensing, branded entertainment, and artist-driven philanthropy.


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