Derrick BrownBitcoin Finance Expert

Areas of expertise
  • Entrepreneur Development
  • Operational Direction
  • Sales expertise
  • US Airfore Firefighter
  • Sales Experience with Wyndham Destinations

CEO of Entrepreneur Expansions. They offer current business owners and future entrepreneurs the support and fast creation for all digital technology services. They also offer low cost financing and can pretty much create anything. Their clients see fast capital results by applying their lean cost development strategy for both digital marketing and sales. They not only create the digital marketing plan, but also put it to action by using a shared network of over 50 businesses and Social Media Influencers to give you the attention your brand deserves.

Arro Operational Guidance and Strategic Direction

Also the Chief Sales officer at “The world’s first Marketplace where Businesses can find Entertainment and Social Media Influencers for perfected product placement.”
Searching for investors to take this new method of marketing to the next stage, the platform is built! Currently organizing a team of (Sales/Talent Agent oriented) Space Hunters to find Creative Ad Space in any form of media to discover and close the contractual agreements between Oppeos and Closeos. 


  • Arro is expanding it’s family. Thanks to all the great folks that are helping us produce something awesome. Cheers!

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  • We now have a faucet to receive Arro crypto. Make sure that you go to Share Arro on your favorite social media and put in your Ethereum Wallet address (that recognizes ERC 20 tokens) and we will send you 1500 Arro. It’s also cool because Arroio, means stream in Portuguese. Get it? The faucet

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Contact details

101 Houston Street
New York, Pennsylvania 01234, United States

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