Lev BurovCTO

Lev Burov
Areas of expertise
  • Full Stack Developer
  • React / Redux Developer
  • Developed Carcalmly in 3 months
  • Led successful launches of applications
  • Chicago School of Economics

With over 12 years of experience in software engineering, Lev has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand the project needs and develop the most suitable solutions.


Before founding Arro, Lev was developing code for moderately sized companies releasing onetime and on budget products. Lev and Phil have been teammates for producing, Oppeos.io and Carcamly.


  • Arro is expanding it’s family. Thanks to all the great folks that are helping us produce something awesome. Cheers!

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  • We now have a faucet to receive Arro crypto. Make sure that you go to faucet.arro.io Share Arro on your favorite social media and put in your Ethereum Wallet address (that recognizes ERC 20 tokens) and we will send you 1500 Arro. It’s also cool because Arroio, means stream in Portuguese. Get it? The faucet

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Chicago, IL

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