Ulysses A.J. AlridgeVideo Production and Branding Officer

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Areas of expertise
  • Video production
  • Social media expert
  • Brand development and Awareness
  • Owner of PDAworks
  • Director of Bloodhound

Ulysses Alridge is a digitally-fluent leader with over 10 years of experience bringing strategic and creative initiations to life. He believes that to succeed, “you must be willing to innovate, invent, fail, and learn; to constantly push forward towards your goals.

“I joined this team because I believe in this project. I graduated high school early and entered into the University of Mississippi(Ole Miss) as a Pre- Med student. I had my life drawn out, thinking it was the only way. I left that path to pursue my passions. With an app like these Arro, anyone can pursue their dreams!”

The founder Phil met Ulysses after contracting his company PDAworks as one of the marketing forces behind Arro. Ulysses has given very useful insight for the Arro platform and drawings for the social network as well. We, at Arro, are excited to see the growing process for the future.


  • Arro is expanding it’s family. Thanks to all the great folks that are helping us produce something awesome. Cheers!

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  • We now have a faucet to receive Arro crypto. Make sure that you go to faucet.arro.io Share Arro on your favorite social media and put in your Ethereum Wallet address (that recognizes ERC 20 tokens) and we will send you 1500 Arro. It’s also cool because Arroio, means stream in Portuguese. Get it? The faucet

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