The Forging of Arro

Arrō was forged from the need to have a social media platform that focused on the user.  There is no better story for helping the users, common folks or those regaining their control, than the Robin Hood stories. Take from the rich to give to the poor. This has been a common theme in the history of human struggles. So we are modernizing this story and bringing it into the space age. Here is the version of “The Forging of Arrō”.

A few months ago in a galaxy very nearby…

On a forest moon called Shareword Forrest, RH (aka, Robin Hood), was contemplating the plight of the social media users. They were pillaged for their content and stripped of their rights to make profit from their diligent efforts. The powerful Sir Spams-alot on the planet, Nothingham, had a grip on the galaxies resources and was taking all of the Arros for himself. RH, set out with her trusted friend, PJ. They wanted to make things right and hacked funds from the greedy to give to the needy. Well, maybe they weren’t completely poor, but they deserved more than the gorging global networks provided. The largest and richest network in the galaxy, Nothingham, used the data from every user to make money for itself, while the users toiled endlessly building friends, developing content, and sharing all their great products. In return they received nothing; not a dime; not a promise; not an Arro. In fact, the enormous network cartel only asked for more, even when the users found influential and creative ways to make money.

There were some interspace planets that helped the users, but the Lords and Ladies, still maintained control and manipulated the users for their value like a true oligopoly. There needed to be a new way to share, to profit from promotions, and earn from your time spent., was conceived to be this equalizing world network with a micro-economy built around each user. RH and PJ wanted to change the way we look at advertising too. If the users got money for viewing the ads, instead of the Arros going to the huge security ships in the nebula (aka. Cloud), that would be a game changer. The best way that RH and PJ could figure out how to share the wealth was to provide a network of validators that could validate how many Arros were sent to each user and how much their videos, pics, and data are worth. ‘Arros’ are a great way to track this, so Arro Validators are needed across the galaxy to share in this Arro Universe. Join us on our quest to unite the worlds of social media connoisseurs and help each other grow a new social media community. Target the greedy, Give to the deserving.  Share the wealth; Socially.

Yes, we have changed our name from Media Moolah to Arrō. Moolah had bad crypto MoJo, but not due to us. So after this story, even MedMoo was too long and just didn’t make sense. Because of the valid need, Arrō was born. Welcome to a new era of earning, sharing, and safe social crypto.

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